Open to everyone ,by appointment

zensa massage


While your staying here ,you can enjoy one of our blissful massages…

You can chose for a blissful neck- and head-massage, this is very relaxing en gives you a naturally lifting, a true rejuvenation!
Or a real good back-massage, to let go of the daily stress and experience a real relaxation!
Of course the body massage, a must for everyone who wants to feel reborn!
Last but not least the foot-massage, I use different kinds of foot-massages and that depends on the situation… if someone has a physical complaint or not,
people who worry a lot for example… but even without all the above…
highly recommended!

Every massage brings the body back into harmony!!!!

50 €/ body-massage
40 €/ back-massage
35 €/ foot-massage
I use only naturally products ,Phyto5, for all the treatments.
As herbalist I compose the massage-oil with essential oils.
Depending on the kind of massage or complaint.
The products of Phyto5 are based on the philosophy of the five Chinese elements :

Wood , Fire, Earth, Metal and Water


In the near future, we will have a jacuzzi and infrared cabin.

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