The five elements are derived from the Chinese philosophy.

Wood brings Fire forth,
Fire brings Earth,
Earth brings Metal,
Metal brings Water,
Water brings Wood,

That brings the circle around en restart the cycle again.
Our body is also functioning like this ,because every organ is connected with an emotion, consequently all different organs are working in harmony with each other.
Harmonize the emotions and neutralize each other. If all our organs work in the same rhythm ,than we feel great and we have a good health and energetic feeling.
However, there can be a disharmony and so we have a weak immunity , we feel less energetic and tired. Usually it is the cause of stress and everyone has to deal with that. The kind of stress is for each other individual like also our constitution.
The massages and products brings the body back into harmony.

Element => organ – emotion – season – color

Wood => liver – angry – spring – green
Fire => heart,small intestine – joy – summer – red
Earth => spleen,pancreas,stomach – understanding – Indian summer – yellow
Metal => lungs,colon – sadness – autumn – white
Water => kidney, bladder – fear – winter – black

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